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VAN LIFE- the perfect getaway for the summer

VAN LIFE- the perfect getaway for the summer

The Van Life is for sure a trend, particularly in these times of pandemics during which people feel trapped and constrained. However, the Van life is not for everybody but it could be the perfect summer getaway!

I have been considering the nomadic life for a while now as a solution to cut the cost of living and avoid daily commuting. After careful consideration, I decided that this lifestyle is not for me… I have never even camped in my life! In any case, I find the Van life such a fascinating way of living, and I am sure that plenty of people would agree with me…

courtesy of Christian Shaffer

There are quite a few influencers now that swear by this lifestyle as it gives freedom and, I must say, some of the spaces are awesome!

It may not be the right living arrangement for you in the long run, but it may give you some of the best and cheapest vacations of your life… The contact with nature, the whole outdoor experience, the interior/exterior lifestyle is perfect for the warm sunny days.

Hopefully, the above testimonies from Instagram have convinced you that the van life is perfect for a summer getaway. But, if you still think that this is a bit of a constrained life with none of the comfort of modern life I may be able to change your mind… So, let’s have a look at some of the best interior designs for vans…

The best van design for your getaway – van life interiors

I don’t know about you, but I think that this is the quintessential summer van. Colourful, bright, easy… It is definitely the kind of space that I would like to be in during my summer weekends on the coast…

This is definitely an example of clever van design. Less cosy in its appearance, but possibly one with many contemporary features packed in a very small space.

Contemporary design, elegant, clean lines, cool interiors featuring the whole of the amenities of modern living. This is really for the people that want to experience the Van life for a getaway in the summer but cannot let go of their comforts.

These designs are so neat, relaxing, bright… quintessential getaway. I can easily imagine myself with a cup of coffee to the edge of a lake on a sunny summer morning… A dream come true!

Hammock guys!! The van in itself features a truly nice space, very lovely layout, nice stove, very comfortable… But the hammock… this is a whole other level!

What about a more rustic style? These look really like small mountain cabins. They scream nature and outdoor. They smell of forest and mountains. A few candles, a small patio, a cosy blanket… the perfect romantic summer getaway.

For more inspiration, have a look at this IG profile

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How to make a room brighter

How to make a room brighter

Living in a northern country, or simply in a crowded city, small rooms, lack of sun… you are possibly wondering what can you do to make your room look brighter and -consequently – wider.

Look no more, below a collection of easy-to-implement tricks that you can try to brighten your space up.

1. Try the Mediterranean vibe

The traditional houses in the South of Italy are normally quite dark, not a lot of windows, very small openings, to protect from the heat and let the stone retain that fresh over the summer months. The use of the “all-white” look helps in making the rooms look brighter.

House in the South of Italy by Palomba Serafini

2. Use light flooring

Even in the darkest of rooms, a light floor can make all the difference. The flooring material can capture the small light and multiply it, making the space look so much brighter.

3. Introduce colourful and bold accent elements

A bright, bold colour can capture the attention and, like some sort of magic, lit the entire space up. A colourful rug, an armchair, a sofa, the curtains, all have the power to make your darkroom look brighter.

4. Use glossy finishes and shiny surfaces

By their nature, glossy finishes and shiny surfaces reflect light and multiply it, spreading it all around the room. Thus, even the darkest of rooms can become considerably brighter if glossy surfaces are positioned in a clever way so as to catch the light penetrating the room.

5. Install a chandelier

Lighting fixtures are the best trick up your sleeves and the chandelier is for sure the king of all the lamps. A big chandelier can literally create the space around you, assign a style to a room and bring the needed light in.

6. Make your ceiling a colourful one

As weird as it may sound, a coloured ceiling may help to make the room look brighter. Either by applying a lighter colour or by applying bold colours or patterns, a colourful ceiling attracts attention and creates a nice contrast that makes the room look more interesting.

7. Use the colours of the sun in your interiors

Well, this nearly seems intuitive…by mimicking the colours that the sun projects on a wall (particularly during sunset and sunrise), we amplify the natural brightening effect that the sun creates in a space. Yellows, oranges, cream colours, they will all work fine. But the reds should be avoided as they may darken the room further.

8. A white ceiling is an easy win.

If you have a dark room, perhaps dark walls, it is intuitive that a white ceiling will lift the soffit up. Actually, the trick works better when the walls are dark (dark painting or dark wood cladding). The contrast between the wall and the white of the ceiling will lift the room, making it look brighter and higher.

9. Mirrors, mirrors everywhere!

Well, even better than shining surfaces, the mirrors catch and reflect the light. This is what they physically are made to do. Well-positioned mirrors will bring so much more light to your space.

10. Metallic finishes can catch and multiply the light

Metallic finishes, metallic details, metallic fittings and furniture. They all capture the light, like the mirrors, but they function in a slightly different way. In fact, they act like small spotlights, create contrast and attract attention, for a more dramatic effect. They may prove to be a very elegant solution to style your room.

11. Transparent furniture

The transparent furniture literally makes volume disappear, creating space in the room. The clutter makes a room look smaller and darker, absorbs the light. Thus the transparent furniture does exactly the opposite. Also, it is usually made off plastic or glass, materials that can be included in the list of reflecting surfaces.

If you are interested have a look at this article -> My favourite for the season : transparent furniture!

12. Let a big artwork steal the spotlight

There could be magic in a piece of art, way beyond the realm of fantastic realms. It could actually help to improve the appearance of a room and, if purposely and cleverly chosen, can help to brighten up a room.

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Charles Eames: What is design

Charles Eames: What is design

There is no designer more famous than the Eames. The duo, formed by husband and wife Charles and Ray, created some of the most iconic pieces of furniture in the history of the sector. Their collaboration with Vitra made the brand what it is now. The design of the Eames become legend between the industrial design lovers and their pieces are in all the important houses.

In 1969 they were invited to contribute to an exhibition in the ‘Musée des Arts Décoratifs’ in Paris. The exhibition, ‘Qu’est ce que le design?’, was exploring the meaning of design and its raison d’être.

Their contribution was formed by the exhibition of a series of their works and by an interview, in diagram form, that was discussing the significance of the design in the sector and in every day life.

What is design? ( by Eames)

The questions below were raised by Madame L. Amic, the answers by Charles Eames.

Q: What is your definition of ‘Design,’ Monsieur Eames?
A: One could describe Design as a plan for arranging elements to accomplish a particular purpose.

Q: Is Design an expression of art? 
A: I would rather say it’s an expression of purpose. It may, if it is good enough, later be judged as art.

Q: Is Design a craft for industrial purposes?
A: No, but Design may be a solution to some industrial problems.

Q: What are the boundaries of Design?
A: What are the boundaries of problems?

Q: Is Design a discipline that concerns itself with only one part of the environment?
A: No.

Q: Is it a method of general expression?
A: No. It is a method of action.

Q: Is Design a creation of an individual?
A: No, because to be realistic, one must always recognize the influence of those that have gone before.

Q: Is Design a creation of a group?
A: Very often.

Q: Is there a Design ethic?
A: There are always Design constraints, and these often imply an ethic.

Q: Does Design imply the idea of products that are necessarily useful?
A: Yes, even though the use might be very subtle.

Q: Is it able to cooperate in the creation of works reserved solely for pleasure?
A: Who would say that pleasure is not useful?

Q: Ought form to derive from the analysis of function?
A: The great risk here is that the analysis may be incomplete.

Q: Can the computer substitute for the Designer?
A: Probably, in some special cases, but usually the computer is an aid to the Designer.

Q: Does Design imply industrial manufacture?
A: Not necessarily.

Q: Is Design used to modify an old object through new techniques?
A: This is one kind of Design problem.

Q: Is Design used to fit up an existing model so that it is more attractive?
A: One doesn’t usually think of Design in this way.

Q: Is Design an element of industrial policy?
A: If Design constraints imply an ethic, and if industrial policy includes ethical principles, then yes – design is an element in an industrial policy.

Q: Does the creation of Design admit constraint?
A: Design depends largely on constraints.

Q: What constraints?
A: The sum of all constraints. Here is one of the few effective keys to the Design problem: the ability of the Designer to recognize as many of the constraints as possible; his willingness and enthusiasm for working within these constraints. Constraints of price, of size, of strength, of balance, of surface, of time, and so forth. Each problem has its own peculiar list.

Q: Does Design obey laws?
A: Aren’t constraints enough?

Q: Are there tendencies and schools in Design?
A: Yes, but these are more a measure of human limitations than of ideals.

Q: Is Design ephemeral?
A: Some needs are ephemeral. Most designs are ephemeral.

Q: Ought Design to tend towards the ephemeral or towards permanence?
A: Those needs and Designs that have a more universal quality tend toward relative permanence.

Q: How would you define yourself with respect to a decorator? an interior architect? a stylist?
A: I wouldn’t.

Q: To whom does Design address itself: to the greatest number? to the specialists or the enlightened amateur? to a privileged social class?
A: Design addresses itself to the need.

Q: After having answered all these questions, do you feel you have been able to practice the profession of ‘Design’ under satisfactory conditions, or even optimum conditions?
A: Yes.

Q: Have you been forced to accept compromises?
A: I don’t remember ever being forced to accept compromises, but I have willingly accepted constraints.

Q: What do you feel is the primary condition for the practice of Design and for its propagation?
A: A recognition of need.

Q: What is the future of Design?

No answer….

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Masquespacio: the golden couple of the interior design

Masquespacio: the golden couple of the interior design

Today I want to introduce a creative duet that really captured my attention and excited me. Let me present you Masquespacio, the golden couple of the Spanish interior design scene.

Can you easily imagine how I discovered them. First Covid-19 lockdown, everybody was trying to find new activities to spend the time indoor. I decided to start taking digital painting course online, to improve my techniques to draw on the iPad. I decided to sign up to Domestika, an online platform full of courses held by incredible creatives.

Whilst browsing the available courses I stumbled upon their online course and became curious.

I saw some of the images of their interiors and just thought: “oh my God, this is amazing, definitely the kind of spaces you only see on Pinterest – they cannot exist in real life”.

But they are real and closer than I could imagine. In fact, to my surprise, I discovered that they are from Valencia (Spain). They do not work in Singapore or in the Emirates or in some other super far land where the cool design resides.

by Masquespacio

I am so attracted to their use of pastel colours, the use of pink that dialogues with the blues and the greens, the natural materials. The images they create comes from a parallel world where the Deco style always remained fashionable.

by Masquespacio

Their interior design is such a pleasure for the eyes. It is the perfect synthesis between the two creatives, almost a yin-yang balance, the perfect elegant solution that shows how these two are made to be together.

Selected project: BUN BURGERS BLIGNY in MILAN by Masquespacio design

What could it be better in life than having great food in an amazing restaurant? Masquespacio have designed the interiors for this amazing burger restaurant in Milan, just around the corner from the famous Bocconi University.

by Masquespacio

The setting for the latest project was beautiful. The space was featuring brick arches and walls, typical of the architecture of the area.

The two main colours on the palette – the acid green and the lilac – are clashing and create incredible tension. However, the color of the bricks somehow becomes the glue that keeps all together.

One of the main characteristics of the design by Masquespacio is the creative tension that comes from the juxtaposition of the colours, lines and materials. The ‘natural’ textured material and the more ‘contemporary’ smooth ones. The cool colours next to the warm ones. The straight lines and the curves. The male and the female.

What is the secret ingredient that keeps the dichotomies together? Maybe a common creative flair or perhaps the will of creating something beautiful together, united, a design that is joined and unique.

Monochrome Pink Design: Pastel Pink Interiors!

Monochrome Pink Design: Pastel Pink Interiors!

Let’s start the series of posts dedicated to the pastel pink interior design with the purest of all the combinations: Monochrome pink design!

Calling all the purists out there! You are probably thinking that this is a total disaster. OMG, it is like living in Hello Kitty’s world or in the mind of a 12-year-old girl… But trust me, it is not as bad as it may sound.

Shall we look at some example first? (You really don’t believe me, do you?)

pink design for the new Valentino Store in Rome
Pop up Shop for Valentino in Rome by India Mahdavi

See? It is actually incredibly cool, don’t you agree?

It is because of the use of a very pale tone of pink, which removes the ‘Barbie Girl’ effect and rather donates softness and warmth to the room. Indeed the biggest mistake is to muster all the pinks under one big preconception. Pastel pinks are normally not as invasive and can be cold or warm, depending on the tones, which will result in diametrally opposite outcomes. Some of the shades will be simply perfect with the blues, and others are going to marry splendidly with reds and yellows.

Which means that we can have completely different accessories and combinations within a room simply changing the colour of the wall.

But let’s stay focus on the topic of this post: the monochrome pink design!

Mood Board

monochrome pastel pink mood board inspiration from design and nature
Monochrome Pastel Pink: Mood Board

This is probably the most extreme design of the entire series but it is definitely the most effective if you like pink!
The monochrome pink design is warm and bright at the same time. It is probably more appropriate to girls but I personally think that an entire pink house is extremely interesting. The use of pale pinks and blush pinks are definitely helping to lose the ‘Barbie effect’ and create a cosy and warm, refined environment.

Let’s have a look at some examples that I put together for you, a living room and a bedroom.


monochrome pink design for a living room
LIVING ROOM – monochrome pink
Sofa: ‘Moby’ two-seater by Made (£599 @ Made)
accent armchair: ‘Moby’ by Made (£349 @ Made)
rug: ‘Hayden’ by Made (£279 @ Made)
rug: ‘Helgar’ by Made (£199 @ Made)
side table: ‘Coffe table’ by & Klevering (£112 @ Made in Design)
cat bed: ‘Moby’ pet sofa by Made (£129 @ Made)
wall mirror: ‘Circum’ by AYTM (£127 @ Made in Design)
curtains: ‘Julius’ by Made (£59 @ Made)
vase: ‘Vase’ by Bloomingville (£9.92 @ Made in Design)
cushion: ‘Knot Cushion’ by Design House Stockholm (£91 @ Made in Design)
storage table: ‘Componibili Bio Storage’ by Kartell (£163 @ Made in Design)
pendant light: FlowerPot by &Tradition (£149 @ Made in Design)
wall painting: ‘Sorbet’ mixing silk finish (£16.42 @ Dulux)


monochrome pink design for a bedroom
BEDROOM – monochrome pink
bed: ‘Margot’ by Made (£649 @ Made)
‘Circus’ by Normann Copenhagen (£376 @ Made in Design)
‘Lorna’ by Made (£18 @ Made)
‘Brisa’ by Made (£20 @ Made)
bedside table:
‘Elona’ by Made (£129 @ Made)
‘Mateo’ by Made (£199 @ Made)
illuminated mirror:
‘All Saints” by Kartell (£320 @ Made in Design)
chest of drawers:
‘Elona’ by Made (£399 @ Made)
long mirror:
‘Angui’ by AYTM (£101 @ Made in Design)
wall lamp
: ‘Blush LED’ by Northern (£219 @ Made in Design)
table lamp:
‘Albert’ by Made (£39 @ Made)
‘Toro’ by Made (£25 @ Made)
: ‘Lief’ by Made (£16 @ Made)
‘Julius’ by Made (£99 @ Made)
wall painting:
‘Ballerina dance’ mixing soft sheen (£16.42 @ Dulux)
Axminster Devonia by Confetti (£42 @ John Lewis)

I would be delighted to hear your opinions and comments. If you want, just leave a comment below.

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20 ideas to renovate the kitchen – Design Inspiration

20 ideas to renovate the kitchen – Design Inspiration

Do you need ideas to renovate the kitchen? This is the post for you! This post aims to share with you a few ideas to take inspiration from if you are going through the redecoration of your kitchen.

Below you can find a showcase of different styles, different finishes, different colours… Some of them are easier to achieve, others require more effort/money. But there is really for all tastes. Let’s have a look together to some ideas to renovate the kitchen

I would love to listen from you! Leave a comment or get in contact, if you want to have a chat or want some advice or simply more ideas to renovate the kitchen!

N1. Contemporary full-on

Let’s start with this amazing all-round design. Contemporary interiors are often oriented towards a consistent look thoughout the house. The kitchen is often a fluid space connected to the living area, an extension of the living itself. Open plan and large spaces. The neat lines and the contrasts of materials are a must.

ideas for kitchen modern timber black details
courtesy of Casalibrary

N2. Modern minimal lines

This minimal space with modern lines is the perfecr solution for the contemporary living. Spacious cooking with the central island. The dining space is in the kitchen, open plan and spacious storage. The whole is made interesting by the contrast of the two materials: light timber for the kitchen, basalt for the wall/store.

ideas for modern kitchen wood and black wall bright room
courtesy of Bayley Ward

N3. Marble surfaces

There is nothing that says ‘luxury’ better than marble… what do you think of this kitchen? Marble island and splashback contrasting with black laminate. A few brass/golden details make embellish the design for a real gorgeous space, suitable for both contemporary and classic-style homes.

ideas for kitchens modern house marble and black with brass details
courtesy of Homes to Love

N4. Victorian kitchen

The richness of textures in this design is simply astonishing. The glazed white tiles and the terracotta floor brighten up the dark coloured furniture and the green walls. The long wooden table with the benches gives a sense of community and big family. While the chandelier elevates the room to the condition of noble space.

ideas for kitchen victorian house green and terracotta
courtesy of the Nord Room

N5. Mono colour rustic

This mono colour space is so soothing and relaxing. The subtle rustic vibes speaks a language common to summer holidays in the Mediterranean Sea… the clean lines and simple design are functional. The perfect space for a chilled dinner.

ideas for kitchen pale green mono colour
courtesy of From Britain with Love

N6. bright classic

Wide island to have the space for proper culinary art (don’t you feel like you want to try to make your own bread?). Plenty of storage in this bright and refined kitchen. The contrast between the dark wood of the island and the white cupboards and marble provides the room with interest. Please to notice the details of the ceiling… what’s not to love?

ideas for kitchens bright house classic furniture
courtesy of the Identite

N7. dark wood bright room

The contrast between the dark wood and the white walls produces and interesting space. The big windows and the rooflights bring the light inside. The details in different materials (brass, marble, textiles, different woods) create texture and depth to the design.

ideas for kitchens dark wood

N8. Edwardian-style kitchen

I am absolutely in love with this kitchen! Spacious, elegant, full of incredible details. The wooden island is original looking and incredibly interesting. The fin-de-sigle metallic hood gives richness to the overall design. The skylight is not for All, but the design is complete already without it.

ideas for kitchen edwardian design

N9. Minimal colourful

Super playful, contemporary, minimal. Perfect fit for a minimal house, for an industrial space, even for a vintage space (reminds of a certain 60’s design). The simple lines are evergreen. The pastel pink is simply so trendy. Perfect for the house of a young creative.

ideas for kitchen minimal colourful pastel colour
courtesy of Archiproducts

N10. Industrial chic

A kitchen that seems straight out of an experimental design advert of the 60’s. All steel, contemporary looking, compact. Ideal for open spaces, provides the space with an industrial-chic vibe.

ideas for kitchens industrial metal style
courtesy of Hunker

N11. Contemporary materials

I love marble, I have previously stated that for me marble is synonym of elegance. This is the perfect example. In a design otherwise extremely minimal, the marble creates interest and gives texture to the room. The juxtaposition of steel, black laminate, timber and marble is well balanced and thought through.

ideas for kitchens contemporary materials
courtesy of Contemporist

N12. The all-steel

Let’s start saying that this is not for everybody. Although very professional-looking and probably extremely functional, this is not everybody piece of cake. Personally, I quite like the idea of a shiny steel kitchen, especially if enriched by different textures of the materials.

ideas for kitchens all steel style
courtesy of Contemporist

N13. Amalfitan Coast

Well, as I am from the South of Italy, I cannot avoid to introduce a bit of Mediterranean freshness in the mix. Blu patterns created with the use of ceramic tiles typical of the area of Amalfi, white walls, small ceramic art pieces, jugs and bowls, create the perfect combination for a bright and rich space.

ideas for kitchens amalfi coast ceramic tiles
courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Smith

N14. Pink pastel

Simple but effective, this pastel colour kitchen is such a nice and bright and relaxed space. You can really see that someone put this design together with love. I would definitely love to live there. Easy space for an easy life.

kitchen ideas pastel pink handmade kitchen
courtesy of Semihandmade

N.15 colourful classic

Take a few classic pieces, paint them bright pink, cover the walls in green glazed bricks, and here it is, you have obtained an accomplished design! The details in copper are essential to pull everything together and enrich the palette of materials. But don’t be fooled, it is not an easy design. Avoiding the kitsch is a task for a savvy designer.

kitchen ideas colourful pink green classic english kitchen
courtesy of Pufikhomes

N.16 colourful modern and geometric lines

I generally have a fascination for ceramic tiles. I always keep a lot of samples with me, simply cannot get rid of them. It is because the tiles are like magic wands. With the right tile, laid in the right way, you can make all the difference in a room. Look at this kitchen, for example. The vertical pattern is adorable and playful, and together with the dark blu clean lines of the furniture, creates one of the easiest and most accomplished looks I have seen. (Without the tiles it wouldn’t be the same).

kitchen ideas colourful bold geometric
courtesy of Home Style

N.17 Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style, yes, but this time we move a bit north, towards the Cote d’Azure. Mediterranean Sea is about white walls, decorated ceramic, tones of blue… This kitchen is the perfect example. Elegant, simple, fresh, extremely clean. Perfect as it is.

kitchen ideas mediterranean inspired
courtesy of All Sorts of

N18. French country kitchen

French design is a bit like their food: Complicated but sublime in its execution. Extremely elegant and classy, this kitchen combines elements of the rustic style with an extremely bright mix of classic pieces. The result is stunning.

kitchen ideas french country style
courtesy of Shaffyfufu

N.19 Delicate pastel colours

I have a thing for pastel colours interiors lately – if you follow my Pinterest profile you can easily figure it out. This kitchen is not as extreme as others that I liked, but still, very fresh and bright and pastel-y. A wise choice of elements creates a well balance interior, with hints of colours without over-doing it.

kitchen ideas rink colour delicate
courtesy of Housance

N20. Rustic contemporary

This is the kind of interior that even men can like. Rustic elements (timber beams, the fireplace…) along with contemporary lines and design. The contrast between new and old wood gives so much richness to this room that it is impossible to dislike it.

kitchen ideas rustic wooden contemporary
courtesy of Apartment 34

Hope that you found something that you like. Get in contact if you need more ideas to renovate the kitchen or any advice on how to renovate your house.

Let’s discover more of the best design for the home.