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How to make a room brighter

How to make a room brighter

Living in a northern country, or simply in a crowded city, small rooms, lack of sun… you are possibly wondering what can you do to make your room look brighter and -consequently – wider.

Look no more, below a collection of easy-to-implement tricks that you can try to brighten your space up.

1. Try the Mediterranean vibe

The traditional houses in the South of Italy are normally quite dark, not a lot of windows, very small openings, to protect from the heat and let the stone retain that fresh over the summer months. The use of the “all-white” look helps in making the rooms look brighter.

House in the South of Italy by Palomba Serafini

2. Use light flooring

Even in the darkest of rooms, a light floor can make all the difference. The flooring material can capture the small light and multiply it, making the space look so much brighter.

3. Introduce colourful and bold accent elements

A bright, bold colour can capture the attention and, like some sort of magic, lit the entire space up. A colourful rug, an armchair, a sofa, the curtains, all have the power to make your darkroom look brighter.

4. Use glossy finishes and shiny surfaces

By their nature, glossy finishes and shiny surfaces reflect light and multiply it, spreading it all around the room. Thus, even the darkest of rooms can become considerably brighter if glossy surfaces are positioned in a clever way so as to catch the light penetrating the room.

5. Install a chandelier

Lighting fixtures are the best trick up your sleeves and the chandelier is for sure the king of all the lamps. A big chandelier can literally create the space around you, assign a style to a room and bring the needed light in.

6. Make your ceiling a colourful one

As weird as it may sound, a coloured ceiling may help to make the room look brighter. Either by applying a lighter colour or by applying bold colours or patterns, a colourful ceiling attracts attention and creates a nice contrast that makes the room look more interesting.

7. Use the colours of the sun in your interiors

Well, this nearly seems intuitive…by mimicking the colours that the sun projects on a wall (particularly during sunset and sunrise), we amplify the natural brightening effect that the sun creates in a space. Yellows, oranges, cream colours, they will all work fine. But the reds should be avoided as they may darken the room further.

8. A white ceiling is an easy win.

If you have a dark room, perhaps dark walls, it is intuitive that a white ceiling will lift the soffit up. Actually, the trick works better when the walls are dark (dark painting or dark wood cladding). The contrast between the wall and the white of the ceiling will lift the room, making it look brighter and higher.

9. Mirrors, mirrors everywhere!

Well, even better than shining surfaces, the mirrors catch and reflect the light. This is what they physically are made to do. Well-positioned mirrors will bring so much more light to your space.

10. Metallic finishes can catch and multiply the light

Metallic finishes, metallic details, metallic fittings and furniture. They all capture the light, like the mirrors, but they function in a slightly different way. In fact, they act like small spotlights, create contrast and attract attention, for a more dramatic effect. They may prove to be a very elegant solution to style your room.

11. Transparent furniture

The transparent furniture literally makes volume disappear, creating space in the room. The clutter makes a room look smaller and darker, absorbs the light. Thus the transparent furniture does exactly the opposite. Also, it is usually made off plastic or glass, materials that can be included in the list of reflecting surfaces.

If you are interested have a look at this article -> My favourite for the season : transparent furniture!

12. Let a big artwork steal the spotlight

There could be magic in a piece of art, way beyond the realm of fantastic realms. It could actually help to improve the appearance of a room and, if purposely and cleverly chosen, can help to brighten up a room.

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My favourite for the season : transparent furniture!

My favourite for the season : transparent furniture!

With the spring blooming all over us and the summer fastly approaching, I just fell in love with the acrylic and glass design. Indeed the only kind of furnishing that will transform the sun sipping through the curtains in pure magic. Let’s all welcome the transparent furniture season!

It is probably not a case that all over the internet it is possible to find all sorts of designs that use a minimalistic approach. They did serve contemporary society well for many years now. However, recent trends stretched the minimal approach to the next level.

Simple lines and clear design is not enough anymore. The world is transforming into a colourful mix of images and people are seeking for new sensations.

The struggle to impress is growing and designers are challenged with the task to create pieces that will satisfy the customers’ desire for an instagrammable life. And here it comes the transparent furniture!

Colourful gradients and pastel nuances are blending with light design to create ambients that, in their simplicity, can be of great suggestion.

Bolt colours and neon effect

The colours on this glass table are brightening the forms like neon lights. they create a dramatic effect that contrasts well against concrete or neutral surfaces.

Patricia Urquiola is not exempt.

In fact, the famous Spanish designer and architect created a collection in collaboration with Glas Italia, which was presented during il Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2015.

The laminated glass comes to life thanks to the changes of the gradients, donating a fresh look to vintage lines. The subtle mirror effect invites the light to play the main role, increasing the reflections and the chromaticism of the space.

The Crystal Series – when geometry emulates the natural world

The same idea permeates the creation of the designer Sae-rom Yoon. His tables are made of dyed acrylic resin in the attempt of emulating the bold shapes and lights of crystals.

What happens if we add artificial light to the equation?

We obtain these amazing lamps! Shadows and colours play together in creating evocative blends over the surfaces. Geometry and minimalism are absolute key players in the Day and Night Light design by Éléonore Delisse.

I completely love the effects the light creates on these pieces. But I have to say that I will not probably be buying any of them as they are likely to be a nightmare to clean (LOL). Just imagining the amount of fingerprints they would collect makes me throw in the towel. But let me know what you think.

Do you want to take part to the trend?

Kartell is probably the undisputed leader brand in the market of the transparent furniture, and some of their pieces – designed by some of the best in the world – are actually icons for all design lovers. Let’s have a look at some of the nicest items, .

A new amazing game…

A new amazing game…

Let just say that I found out a new game to entertain me…

Suppose that you have a nice picture by hand, like this one…

And now image you can transform this picture in a nice interior design…

Step 1: Let’s find out the colour scheme!

Is this palette looking familiar? Let’s say that this are the key colours selected out of the nice mountain image.

What shall we do now?

But sure, we need to create a setting, right?

Step 2: select a background for your room.

What should it be? A bedroom like this one?

Perhaps not, considering the scheme of colours you may want to select an ambient of the house that screams cozy but it must contain also a bold statement – remember the bright red/orange peak of the mountain?

What is better than a living room to host our palette. Let’s try with this one then…

Looks right, isn’t it?

Well, the floor is not quite fine though, so shall we try to select something that will fit better with our scheme. Navy blue is the correct colour, as is a strong presence in the picture.

What about this lovely floor? A mix of ceramic tiles and white painted timber planks..

Well, as nice as this is, it is not the good choice as it does not quite agree with the whole.

This one, on the other side, contains a bit of green and an hint of gold, which creates visual interest to the monochromatic walls and brings variety to the room, without going out of the palette. therefore, here we are, we like this one!

Step 3: Now Let’s go crazy with the furniture!

We need a few pieces, to give interest and texture to the room, something that may blend with the walls and the floor but still helping to make the room a place we would like to spend time in… rugs to soften the surfaces, accessories and a side table.

What about our statement? The orange burning at the center of the image… and what is the centre of a living room if not the sofa? Let’s add a strong and bright orange seating.

Let’s finish everything up with a warm lighting fixture that will give the room that sunset tones and mood.

What do you think of the final result?

Nice first combination and lot of fun tonight!