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Henry Rivers and his travel posters

Henry Rivers and his travel posters

Have you ever heard of Travel Posters Co.? Well, if you haven’t you should definitely check it out. The soul of the business is a British illustrator who made a mission for himself to create amazing illustrations of the nicest places/cities in the world. They try to catch the essence of the place and I have to say that they succeed!

One place at a time he is creating an amazing collection of illustrations showing the most famous cities in the world. His inspiration comes from the vintage travel and advertising posters giving them a pastel-colory and contemporary twist, ready to decorate our houses.

His style is fresh and pulls from the Scandinavian language and minimal graphic to create images that are appealing and attracts the eye gently.

If you are interested in buying his work you can from different websites and on several means and sizes. Personally, I have purchased his work (Venice) on Displate, which delivers amazing posters printed on aluminium plates. You can buy Henry Rivers’ from here.