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The Van Life is for sure a trend, particularly in these times of pandemics during which people feel trapped and constrained. However, the Van life is not for everybody but it could be the perfect summer getaway!

I have been considering the nomadic life for a while now as a solution to cut the cost of living and avoid daily commuting. After careful consideration, I decided that this lifestyle is not for me… I have never even camped in my life! In any case, I find the Van life such a fascinating way of living, and I am sure that plenty of people would agree with me…

courtesy of Christian Shaffer

There are quite a few influencers now that swear by this lifestyle as it gives freedom and, I must say, some of the spaces are awesome!

It may not be the right living arrangement for you in the long run, but it may give you some of the best and cheapest vacations of your life… The contact with nature, the whole outdoor experience, the interior/exterior lifestyle is perfect for the warm sunny days.

Hopefully, the above testimonies from Instagram have convinced you that the van life is perfect for a summer getaway. But, if you still think that this is a bit of a constrained life with none of the comfort of modern life I may be able to change your mind… So, let’s have a look at some of the best interior designs for vans…

The best van design for your getaway – van life interiors

I don’t know about you, but I think that this is the quintessential summer van. Colourful, bright, easy… It is definitely the kind of space that I would like to be in during my summer weekends on the coast…

This is definitely an example of clever van design. Less cosy in its appearance, but possibly one with many contemporary features packed in a very small space.

Contemporary design, elegant, clean lines, cool interiors featuring the whole of the amenities of modern living. This is really for the people that want to experience the Van life for a getaway in the summer but cannot let go of their comforts.

These designs are so neat, relaxing, bright… quintessential getaway. I can easily imagine myself with a cup of coffee to the edge of a lake on a sunny summer morning… A dream come true!

Hammock guys!! The van in itself features a truly nice space, very lovely layout, nice stove, very comfortable… But the hammock… this is a whole other level!

What about a more rustic style? These look really like small mountain cabins. They scream nature and outdoor. They smell of forest and mountains. A few candles, a small patio, a cosy blanket… the perfect romantic summer getaway.

For more inspiration, have a look at this IG profile

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