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Today I want to introduce a creative duet that really captured my attention and excited me. Let me present you Masquespacio, the golden couple of the Spanish interior design scene.

Can you easily imagine how I discovered them. First Covid-19 lockdown, everybody was trying to find new activities to spend the time indoor. I decided to start taking digital painting course online, to improve my techniques to draw on the iPad. I decided to sign up to Domestika, an online platform full of courses held by incredible creatives.

Whilst browsing the available courses I stumbled upon their online course and became curious.

I saw some of the images of their interiors and just thought: “oh my God, this is amazing, definitely the kind of spaces you only see on Pinterest – they cannot exist in real life”.

But they are real and closer than I could imagine. In fact, to my surprise, I discovered that they are from Valencia (Spain). They do not work in Singapore or in the Emirates or in some other super far land where the cool design resides.

by Masquespacio

I am so attracted to their use of pastel colours, the use of pink that dialogues with the blues and the greens, the natural materials. The images they create comes from a parallel world where the Deco style always remained fashionable.

by Masquespacio

Their interior design is such a pleasure for the eyes. It is the perfect synthesis between the two creatives, almost a yin-yang balance, the perfect elegant solution that shows how these two are made to be together.

Selected project: BUN BURGERS BLIGNY in MILAN by Masquespacio design

What could it be better in life than having great food in an amazing restaurant? Masquespacio have designed the interiors for this amazing burger restaurant in Milan, just around the corner from the famous Bocconi University.

by Masquespacio

The setting for the latest project was beautiful. The space was featuring brick arches and walls, typical of the architecture of the area.

The two main colours on the palette – the acid green and the lilac – are clashing and create incredible tension. However, the color of the bricks somehow becomes the glue that keeps all together.

One of the main characteristics of the design by Masquespacio is the creative tension that comes from the juxtaposition of the colours, lines and materials. The ‘natural’ textured material and the more ‘contemporary’ smooth ones. The cool colours next to the warm ones. The straight lines and the curves. The male and the female.

What is the secret ingredient that keeps the dichotomies together? Maybe a common creative flair or perhaps the will of creating something beautiful together, united, a design that is joined and unique.