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Let’s start the series of posts dedicated to the pastel pink interior design with the purest of all the combinations: Monochrome pink design!

Calling all the purists out there! You are probably thinking that this is a total disaster. OMG, it is like living in Hello Kitty’s world or in the mind of a 12-year-old girl… But trust me, it is not as bad as it may sound.

Shall we look at some example first? (You really don’t believe me, do you?)

pink design for the new Valentino Store in Rome
Pop up Shop for Valentino in Rome by India Mahdavi

See? It is actually incredibly cool, don’t you agree?

It is because of the use of a very pale tone of pink, which removes the ‘Barbie Girl’ effect and rather donates softness and warmth to the room. Indeed the biggest mistake is to muster all the pinks under one big preconception. Pastel pinks are normally not as invasive and can be cold or warm, depending on the tones, which will result in diametrally opposite outcomes. Some of the shades will be simply perfect with the blues, and others are going to marry splendidly with reds and yellows.

Which means that we can have completely different accessories and combinations within a room simply changing the colour of the wall.

But let’s stay focus on the topic of this post: the monochrome pink design!

Mood Board

monochrome pastel pink mood board inspiration from design and nature
Monochrome Pastel Pink: Mood Board

This is probably the most extreme design of the entire series but it is definitely the most effective if you like pink!
The monochrome pink design is warm and bright at the same time. It is probably more appropriate to girls but I personally think that an entire pink house is extremely interesting. The use of pale pinks and blush pinks are definitely helping to lose the ‘Barbie effect’ and create a cosy and warm, refined environment.

Let’s have a look at some examples that I put together for you, a living room and a bedroom.


monochrome pink design for a living room
LIVING ROOM – monochrome pink
Sofa: ‘Moby’ two-seater by Made (£599 @ Made)
accent armchair: ‘Moby’ by Made (£349 @ Made)
rug: ‘Hayden’ by Made (£279 @ Made)
rug: ‘Helgar’ by Made (£199 @ Made)
side table: ‘Coffe table’ by & Klevering (£112 @ Made in Design)
cat bed: ‘Moby’ pet sofa by Made (£129 @ Made)
wall mirror: ‘Circum’ by AYTM (£127 @ Made in Design)
curtains: ‘Julius’ by Made (£59 @ Made)
vase: ‘Vase’ by Bloomingville (£9.92 @ Made in Design)
cushion: ‘Knot Cushion’ by Design House Stockholm (£91 @ Made in Design)
storage table: ‘Componibili Bio Storage’ by Kartell (£163 @ Made in Design)
pendant light: FlowerPot by &Tradition (£149 @ Made in Design)
wall painting: ‘Sorbet’ mixing silk finish (£16.42 @ Dulux)


monochrome pink design for a bedroom
BEDROOM – monochrome pink
bed: ‘Margot’ by Made (£649 @ Made)
‘Circus’ by Normann Copenhagen (£376 @ Made in Design)
‘Lorna’ by Made (£18 @ Made)
‘Brisa’ by Made (£20 @ Made)
bedside table:
‘Elona’ by Made (£129 @ Made)
‘Mateo’ by Made (£199 @ Made)
illuminated mirror:
‘All Saints” by Kartell (£320 @ Made in Design)
chest of drawers:
‘Elona’ by Made (£399 @ Made)
long mirror:
‘Angui’ by AYTM (£101 @ Made in Design)
wall lamp
: ‘Blush LED’ by Northern (£219 @ Made in Design)
table lamp:
‘Albert’ by Made (£39 @ Made)
‘Toro’ by Made (£25 @ Made)
: ‘Lief’ by Made (£16 @ Made)
‘Julius’ by Made (£99 @ Made)
wall painting:
‘Ballerina dance’ mixing soft sheen (£16.42 @ Dulux)
Axminster Devonia by Confetti (£42 @ John Lewis)

I would be delighted to hear your opinions and comments. If you want, just leave a comment below.

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