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Do you need ideas to renovate the kitchen? This is the post for you! This post aims to share with you a few ideas to take inspiration from if you are going through the redecoration of your kitchen.

Below you can find a showcase of different styles, different finishes, different colours… Some of them are easier to achieve, others require more effort/money. But there is really for all tastes. Let’s have a look together to some ideas to renovate the kitchen

I would love to listen from you! Leave a comment or get in contact, if you want to have a chat or want some advice or simply more ideas to renovate the kitchen!

N1. Contemporary full-on

Let’s start with this amazing all-round design. Contemporary interiors are often oriented towards a consistent look thoughout the house. The kitchen is often a fluid space connected to the living area, an extension of the living itself. Open plan and large spaces. The neat lines and the contrasts of materials are a must.

ideas for kitchen modern timber black details
courtesy of Casalibrary

N2. Modern minimal lines

This minimal space with modern lines is the perfecr solution for the contemporary living. Spacious cooking with the central island. The dining space is in the kitchen, open plan and spacious storage. The whole is made interesting by the contrast of the two materials: light timber for the kitchen, basalt for the wall/store.

ideas for modern kitchen wood and black wall bright room
courtesy of Bayley Ward

N3. Marble surfaces

There is nothing that says ‘luxury’ better than marble… what do you think of this kitchen? Marble island and splashback contrasting with black laminate. A few brass/golden details make embellish the design for a real gorgeous space, suitable for both contemporary and classic-style homes.

ideas for kitchens modern house marble and black with brass details
courtesy of Homes to Love

N4. Victorian kitchen

The richness of textures in this design is simply astonishing. The glazed white tiles and the terracotta floor brighten up the dark coloured furniture and the green walls. The long wooden table with the benches gives a sense of community and big family. While the chandelier elevates the room to the condition of noble space.

ideas for kitchen victorian house green and terracotta
courtesy of the Nord Room

N5. Mono colour rustic

This mono colour space is so soothing and relaxing. The subtle rustic vibes speaks a language common to summer holidays in the Mediterranean Sea… the clean lines and simple design are functional. The perfect space for a chilled dinner.

ideas for kitchen pale green mono colour
courtesy of From Britain with Love

N6. bright classic

Wide island to have the space for proper culinary art (don’t you feel like you want to try to make your own bread?). Plenty of storage in this bright and refined kitchen. The contrast between the dark wood of the island and the white cupboards and marble provides the room with interest. Please to notice the details of the ceiling… what’s not to love?

ideas for kitchens bright house classic furniture
courtesy of the Identite

N7. dark wood bright room

The contrast between the dark wood and the white walls produces and interesting space. The big windows and the rooflights bring the light inside. The details in different materials (brass, marble, textiles, different woods) create texture and depth to the design.

ideas for kitchens dark wood

N8. Edwardian-style kitchen

I am absolutely in love with this kitchen! Spacious, elegant, full of incredible details. The wooden island is original looking and incredibly interesting. The fin-de-sigle metallic hood gives richness to the overall design. The skylight is not for All, but the design is complete already without it.

ideas for kitchen edwardian design

N9. Minimal colourful

Super playful, contemporary, minimal. Perfect fit for a minimal house, for an industrial space, even for a vintage space (reminds of a certain 60’s design). The simple lines are evergreen. The pastel pink is simply so trendy. Perfect for the house of a young creative.

ideas for kitchen minimal colourful pastel colour
courtesy of Archiproducts

N10. Industrial chic

A kitchen that seems straight out of an experimental design advert of the 60’s. All steel, contemporary looking, compact. Ideal for open spaces, provides the space with an industrial-chic vibe.

ideas for kitchens industrial metal style
courtesy of Hunker

N11. Contemporary materials

I love marble, I have previously stated that for me marble is synonym of elegance. This is the perfect example. In a design otherwise extremely minimal, the marble creates interest and gives texture to the room. The juxtaposition of steel, black laminate, timber and marble is well balanced and thought through.

ideas for kitchens contemporary materials
courtesy of Contemporist

N12. The all-steel

Let’s start saying that this is not for everybody. Although very professional-looking and probably extremely functional, this is not everybody piece of cake. Personally, I quite like the idea of a shiny steel kitchen, especially if enriched by different textures of the materials.

ideas for kitchens all steel style
courtesy of Contemporist

N13. Amalfitan Coast

Well, as I am from the South of Italy, I cannot avoid to introduce a bit of Mediterranean freshness in the mix. Blu patterns created with the use of ceramic tiles typical of the area of Amalfi, white walls, small ceramic art pieces, jugs and bowls, create the perfect combination for a bright and rich space.

ideas for kitchens amalfi coast ceramic tiles
courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Smith

N14. Pink pastel

Simple but effective, this pastel colour kitchen is such a nice and bright and relaxed space. You can really see that someone put this design together with love. I would definitely love to live there. Easy space for an easy life.

kitchen ideas pastel pink handmade kitchen
courtesy of Semihandmade

N.15 colourful classic

Take a few classic pieces, paint them bright pink, cover the walls in green glazed bricks, and here it is, you have obtained an accomplished design! The details in copper are essential to pull everything together and enrich the palette of materials. But don’t be fooled, it is not an easy design. Avoiding the kitsch is a task for a savvy designer.

kitchen ideas colourful pink green classic english kitchen
courtesy of Pufikhomes

N.16 colourful modern and geometric lines

I generally have a fascination for ceramic tiles. I always keep a lot of samples with me, simply cannot get rid of them. It is because the tiles are like magic wands. With the right tile, laid in the right way, you can make all the difference in a room. Look at this kitchen, for example. The vertical pattern is adorable and playful, and together with the dark blu clean lines of the furniture, creates one of the easiest and most accomplished looks I have seen. (Without the tiles it wouldn’t be the same).

kitchen ideas colourful bold geometric
courtesy of Home Style

N.17 Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style, yes, but this time we move a bit north, towards the Cote d’Azure. Mediterranean Sea is about white walls, decorated ceramic, tones of blue… This kitchen is the perfect example. Elegant, simple, fresh, extremely clean. Perfect as it is.

kitchen ideas mediterranean inspired
courtesy of All Sorts of

N18. French country kitchen

French design is a bit like their food: Complicated but sublime in its execution. Extremely elegant and classy, this kitchen combines elements of the rustic style with an extremely bright mix of classic pieces. The result is stunning.

kitchen ideas french country style
courtesy of Shaffyfufu

N.19 Delicate pastel colours

I have a thing for pastel colours interiors lately – if you follow my Pinterest profile you can easily figure it out. This kitchen is not as extreme as others that I liked, but still, very fresh and bright and pastel-y. A wise choice of elements creates a well balance interior, with hints of colours without over-doing it.

kitchen ideas rink colour delicate
courtesy of Housance

N20. Rustic contemporary

This is the kind of interior that even men can like. Rustic elements (timber beams, the fireplace…) along with contemporary lines and design. The contrast between new and old wood gives so much richness to this room that it is impossible to dislike it.

kitchen ideas rustic wooden contemporary
courtesy of Apartment 34

Hope that you found something that you like. Get in contact if you need more ideas to renovate the kitchen or any advice on how to renovate your house.

Let’s discover more of the best design for the home.