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Let just say that I found out a new game to entertain me…

Suppose that you have a nice picture by hand, like this one…

And now image you can transform this picture in a nice interior design…

Step 1: Let’s find out the colour scheme!

Is this palette looking familiar? Let’s say that this are the key colours selected out of the nice mountain image.

What shall we do now?

But sure, we need to create a setting, right?

Step 2: select a background for your room.

What should it be? A bedroom like this one?

Perhaps not, considering the scheme of colours you may want to select an ambient of the house that screams cozy but it must contain also a bold statement – remember the bright red/orange peak of the mountain?

What is better than a living room to host our palette. Let’s try with this one then…

Looks right, isn’t it?

Well, the floor is not quite fine though, so shall we try to select something that will fit better with our scheme. Navy blue is the correct colour, as is a strong presence in the picture.

What about this lovely floor? A mix of ceramic tiles and white painted timber planks..

Well, as nice as this is, it is not the good choice as it does not quite agree with the whole.

This one, on the other side, contains a bit of green and an hint of gold, which creates visual interest to the monochromatic walls and brings variety to the room, without going out of the palette. therefore, here we are, we like this one!

Step 3: Now Let’s go crazy with the furniture!

We need a few pieces, to give interest and texture to the room, something that may blend with the walls and the floor but still helping to make the room a place we would like to spend time in… rugs to soften the surfaces, accessories and a side table.

What about our statement? The orange burning at the center of the image… and what is the centre of a living room if not the sofa? Let’s add a strong and bright orange seating.

Let’s finish everything up with a warm lighting fixture that will give the room that sunset tones and mood.

What do you think of the final result?

Nice first combination and lot of fun tonight!